Pesticide of Our Day

Environmental stewardship effects the brand integrity of every Fortune 500 company. Ecology is economics. Reluctant adaptors to the planetary cause, now participate in a shared mission. And this nudges a blueprint for the racial work to be done in corporate America.

Today’s momentum toward zero carbon emissions, sustainable materials and LEED certified building—started in a book. Written by Rachel Carson, “Silent Sprint,” published in 1962, warned the world, of the world to come if society did not curb the use of pesticides.

Racism is the pesticide of our day. Nothing is better after feeling its touch. Structures must be put in place to defeat its decay on our future. This is the new planetary cause.

Where is the globally recognized ranking system for whether a corporation adheres to racial stewardship? What is the LEED certified equivalent of “opportunity compliance” for the historically marginalized?

How a company manages race from this point forward, will greatly effect its economic health. The conversation for a global corporate protocol must begin. A new shared commitment, a new Kyoto—encouraging all to eradicate not just American racism, but racism.